Stuck on the Hook

Such a peaceful day,’ Jack thought as he placed his chair beside the lake. The clouds must have let the sun have the spotlight for the whole day because nothing was ruining Jack’s bright attitude. Spruce trees surrounded the blue waters. The lake was huge, and many people weren’t fishing in it. Tweet, tweet! Migrating birds chirped. The smell of flowers covered his nose. Light wind blew against his face, making the afternoon really refreshing Jack attached his mealworm to his hook. In minutes of waiting for a fish to catch on his bait, something pulled on the rod. Jack jumped high and drew a smile on his face. “Finally, my first fish!” Jack exclaimed. 3, 2, 1, PULL! Nothing came. The fish didn’t want to be separated from the water yet. “Catching a fish is harder than i thought,” Jack admitted.

He placed another worm on his hook. 3, 2, 1! The hook was in the water again! Minutes of waiting for a fish, Jack felt a tug from the rod and immediately got his focus. He reeled in the heavy fish. The fish got lighter and lighter. Jack reeled it in when it was at its lightest weight. To his surprise, he lost another worm.

Jack was not going home until he caught a fish, so once again, he took his bait, and hooked it on the rod. The hook met the water again. Jack’s patience was very high at this point, he needed a fish to take home. Tug, tug, tug. Something was pulling on the bait! Jack reeled it in and admired his prize. The fish hung with it’s wide mouth stuck on the silver hook. A two pound salmon was in Jack’s possession!

Cooked fish was the only thing in Jack’s dinner menu. It’s soft meat mixed well with his stomach. Fishing was something Jack always wanted to do. He wished that the next time he went fishing, he would bring the knowledge that he learned today!


A Book Worth Sharing

I’ve been reading books since I have known how to read.

I may have a collection of Books like “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid” or “Dork Diaries” and I enjoyed reading a new one every time my Mom buys me.

So lucky I am that I have books like these but when we went for a vacation, my cousin would like to have a book like one of the “The diary of a Wimpy Kid.”  Well, since I have read the book and even watch the movies they created out of it so I gave it to her.

Luckily, when we went back home, my Dad bought me a new book.

It is really a good thing to share. When you give something away surely there will be another one to come in return.

I’ll Do It Next Time

When we went for vacation in the Philippines, my cousins and I went to the beach. While we are playing in the shorelines, the waves took one of my slippers/flip flops. I hurriedly went to the water to get it. I told what happened to my dad and he narrated to me a story about our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.

Dr. Jose Rizal, when he was young, was riding on a boat together with his mother and sisters. While in the boat, he accidentally made one of his sandals fall onto the water. Instead of saving the sandal from the water, he then threw its pair to the water. His mother asked him why, he said, “if somebody will be getting the first one off the water and can not find the other one, he may threw it again but if he will find both of them, the sandals will become useful to him.”

Random Act of Kindness, isn’t it?